The Work of Carl Jung is a website devoted to introducing new generations to the remarkable work of Swiss psychiatrist, Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961), through his important work, Modern Man in Search of a Soul.  For decades, Modern Man in Search of a Soul has introduced millions of people to the foundational concepts of Jungian Analytical Psychology:  the origins of neurosisdream interpretationtherapist as patienthelping stuck patientsmythology and religionactive imaginationtherapy foraging peoplepsychology and the afterlifethe differences between Jung and Freudmysticismthe symbols of artistsindividuationthe collective unconsciousthe shadow selfspiritual problems of modern man, and archetypes.

The Work of Carl Jung also provides important resources for Jungian education, including Jungian institutes and other Jungian organizations in North America.  You’ll also find a comprehensive list of Jungian books to help expand your knowledge and understanding of one of the greatest thinkers of the twentieth century, Carl Jung.

The original publication of Modern Man in Search of a Soul was translated by W.S. Dell (1894-1975) and Cary F. Baynes (1883-1977).  According to the translators, with one exception, all the essays which make up Modern Man in Search of a Soul have been delivered as lectures. The German texts of four of them have been brought out in separate publications and the others are to be found in a volume [Seelenprobleme der Gegenwart] together with several other essays which have already appeared in English.